Introducing fin-BITS GmbH

fin-BITS is a one-stop shop for process digitalisation in MSME Finance. Rooted in decades of expertise in operating financial institutions and related IT, we provide tailored process management software as well as proficient consulting services to enable a more efficient provision of financial services.

Understanding Digital Transformation merely as the digitalization of customer experience is common across industries; MSME Finance is no exception. The potential of digital in MSME Finance is more than just Mobile Money and Digital Credit. Substantial opportunities lie in digital processes, data-based decision making and integrated systems. fin-BITS supports financial institutions to discover and exploit these opportunities, based on our proprietary software suite.

We, that are Dr. Frieder Wöhrmann, Andreas Thiele and PCES. Do not hesitate to get in touch to find out more, to schedule a demo or to discuss how digital process can fuel efficient financial services.